The Best in Exercise Science

ADC provides expert athletic training advice, based on leading-edge concepts from several different training systems - the best of the best.
Working with thousands of athletes over the course of two decades, ADC has identified the most effective physiological concepts from several different training philosophies, and broken them down into 14 variables. These variables form the basis of the ADC protocols, which have consistently produced explosive results in strength, speed, and agility.

ADC's protocols are conjugated and periodized. The body is kept confused as differing amounts of high, medium and low stressors are placed on the body. Early stages of each protocol tend to be less demanding (e.g. lighter weights, a smaller percentage of total maximum) but the demands on the body are continually elevated and adjusted as the athlete moves through the protocol until the athlete is "peaked out" at the end. This "cycling" of the body allows for greater strength gains while allowing the body to recuperate, rest, and not get burned out.

The Results

At the start of training, ADC tests each athlete and calculates projected improvements in several metrics. Using ADC's protocols, 95 to 98% of athletes have hit their projections. Below are samples of the typical improvements we have seen:

Test --> Change

Squat --> +123 lbs.
Bench --> +57 lbs.
Vertical Jump --> +5.25 in.
Long Jump --> +8.25 in.
Pro Agility --> -0.21 sec.
40-Yd.Dash --> -0.27 sec.

Vibration Plate Technology

Many of ADC's exercises are performed on vibration plates, which stimulate additional muscle fibers during the workout. ADC vibration training devlops an athletes nuero-muscular capacity and muscular development in a very short period of time. Using a vibration platform in conjuction with tradition plyometrics and weight lifting, muscles are activated and expand their capability for explosiveness.

While the typical athlete engages 40-50% of their muscle fibers during a workout, the same athlete using vibration plates engages at least 20% more muscle fibers.

And it's not just the body that is benefited. Athletes working with ADC report that the vibration plates increase their focus by making them aware of the postiive changes in their body. This increase in focus leads to better delineation, the ability to control individual muscle groups in the body. These improvements in focus and muscle control from the weight room produce athletes who are more focused and more controlled on the playing field.

Sport-Specific Training

Working with ADC, each athlete begins with a three-level General Physical Prepardeness (GPP) program, and then advance to a specialized physical preparedness (SPP) program designed specifically for their sport. Workouts are also adjusted based on the athlete's season - different exercise routines are generated for the pre-season, mid-season and post-season.

Combining Effort with Execution

Throughout every stage of each protocol, ADC demands that athletes focus on proper technique. ADC believes that proper technique during training not only produces greater strength gains and low risk of injury, but also leads to proper technique and overall better performance on the playing field. Conversely, improper technique not only reduces the effectiveness of training and increases injury risk, but also results in the same or worse performance. Strength, skill and intelligence, when purposefully directed will always defeat misguided effort and undisciplined enthusiasm.