Building a Foundation for Success

ADC knows that athletes don’t just show up on game day and succeed. The groundwork for success – coaching, training, practice – must exist long before.

ZIPS provides training protocols that unequivocally work, and form the foundation for athletic improvement. But unless a solid infrastructure is built on that foundation – the right equipment, the right facility, the right culture – the full benefit of ZIPS cannot be realized. This is why ADC will work with your school to ensure a foundation for success with ZIPS.

Eliminating the Problem of Weight Room Management

Except on the highest collegiate and professional levels, there are very few schools that have a scientific, coherent, and organized strength and conditioning program in place.

Additionally, weight room management is a difficult proposition. Often a strength and conditioning coach has as many as 20 different sports to contend with,each sport having its own particular demands. Females and males each require their own approach to training, and each individual requires attention. Add the need to track each athlete’s progress, encourage effort, plan long-term development, as well as teach technique and nutrition – and you have a very difficult, if not impossible job.

Fortunately, ADC’s ZIPS software allows training and management of large groups of athletes in the weight room, with individualized and sport-specific protocols that develop speed, strength, and endurance. ZIPS eliminates the burden of weight room management, and allows coaches to do what they do best – teach, motivate, encourage.

Why ZIPS Makes Economic Sense for Your School

How much would it cost one of your athletes to purchase a one-month health club membership? How expensive is a one-hour personal training session? For the same relative cost, that athlete can get a full year's guidance from experienced exercise physiologists, with computer-based ease and accessibility, using your school's infrastructure, under the supervision of your coaches.

Creating your School’s Equipment Profile

Most exercises in ZIPS require the athlete to use specific training equipment. Realizing that not all schools have the budget and/or space to obtain every piece of equipment, ADC will review your school’s current facility, suggest required and recommended enhancements, and help enter an equipment profile in ZIPS.

Once the equipment profile is entered in the system, ZIPS will then only generate exercises that use equipment at your facility. Later, as equipment is temporarily taken out of service for maintenance or repair, and new equipment is introduced, your school’s equipment profile can then be edited in ZIPS, and the system will automatically adjust its training programs.

ADC will also work with your school to ensure other required equipment and services – Internet access, one or more computer kiosks in the weight room, proper electrical circuits – are in place before your athletes start using ZIPS.

Helping Your Coaches Teach Success

ADC believes that if ZIPS is to be fully successful, each and every coach must care and want to use the system. Athletes need to see that their coaches believe in the program and are willing to spend time ensuring that they are doing things correctly, and participating in a focused and consistent manner. The coach’s presence in the weight room also sends a clear message that the training is important to the athlete’s performance and well being, and that the coach cares about the athlete.

ADC will reinforce these critical concepts by conducting a Coach’s Clinic just prior to the implementation of ZIPS at your school. This clinic will provide an overview of ZIPS as well as highlight key training and athlete management concepts.

After the Coach’s Clinic, your coaches will not only know how ZIPS works, and how they can monitor their athlete’s progress in the system – but also the crucial role they must play in continuing to teach, motivate, and encourage their athletes.