ZIPS - The Ultimate Training Aid for Athletes and Coaches

The Zawack Integrated Performance System, or ZIPS, is the most sophisticated and advanced athletic training and organizational tool currently on the market.

Based on the advanced training protocols developed by ADC, ZIPS gives athletes convenient, on-demand access to ADC's training program. In addition, ZIPS provides coaches a level of sophistication and organization to their athlete's strength and conditioning they wouldn't be able to obtain on their own.

ADC had designed ZIPS to be easy to use. You don't have to be a computer whiz to use ZIPS, and you won't need your school's IT staff to administer the system. ZIPS is the most efficient way to deliver highly effective training to a large number of athletes, with a minimal expenditure of human resources.

How Athletes Use ZIPS

At the start of their workout, athletes will log in to ZIPS on a kiosk computer located in the weight room. This login process allows the coach to monitor each athlete's attendance and progression in the system.

After logging in to ZIPS, athletes can either continue using the kiosk computer, or can optionally use a web-enabled mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Either way, athletes will receive their first exercise for the day.

After completing their first exercise, athletes enter their results in ZIPS, and then receive their next exercise. This process will repeat until the athlete completes all exercises for the day.

During their workouts, athletes will be challenged in a broad range of athletic skills – Strength, Coordination, Speed, Endurance, Body Awareness. ZIPS will also automatically adjust the difficulty level of each exercise based on the results entered by the athlete.

How Coaches Use ZIPS

ZIPS eases the task of weight room management for coaches. Instead of having to design individual training programs for each of their athletes, and tracking attendance and performance in the weight room, coaches can rely on the advanced training concepts programmed in ZIPS, and easily monitor activity through convenient attendance and progress reports. This allows the coach to treat the weight room as an extension of the field or court, where teaching and motivating needs to be no different than teaching and motivating on the field or in a film study session.

Does your school have multi-sport athletes? ZIPS makes it easy to manage their unique training requirements. When an athlete’s season ends, simply change the primary sport in the athlete’s profile, and ZIPS will automatically adjust that athlete’s training program.

Does an athlete miss training time due to injury or illness? Simply re-test the athlete in specific key metrics, enter the results in the system, and ZIPS will automatically adjust that athlete’s training program.

Customized for each Sport, each Athlete

Each sport has a unique set of training requirements, and those requirements will be different between off-season and in-season. ADC’s training protocols recognize these varying requirements, and therefore ZIPS will provide exercises specifically designed for each athlete’s sport.

ZIPS also recognizes that not all athletes in the same sport will start at the same level. Prior to starting with ZIPS, each athlete will be tested in specific speed and strength metrics. The results of these tests will be entered in the athlete’s profile, and the initial exercises that ZIPS provides to that athlete will be based on those test results. And as the athlete performs the exercises and enters results, ZIPS will then automatically adjust the athlete’s workout. In other words, when (not if) athletes get stronger and faster, their workouts will become more challenging.

Teaching Proper Technique

Instructional videos are available for most exercises, and can be viewed by athletes after receiving an exercise from ZIPS.

ADC encourages all athletes and coaches to view every video at least once, even for exercises athletes have done before, as each video shows the proper technique.